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Here's a report on Dr. Burcham's last mission trip to Panama earlier this year.

Panama Medical Mission Report 2014

Our mission effort in February, 2014 was centered in the town of La Villa de los Santos, in south central Panama. This is a heavily populated area with many poor people who have limited access to health care and eye surgery.
The medical and dental team worked out of a school, and the numbers of patients grew every day. Approximately 1000 patients were given medical care... seeing problems like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, infections, skin rashes, gastrointestinal difficulties, musculoskeletal problems and pain. Our pharmacy team worked hard to provide the critical medications.
The dental team blessed many lives by performing 160 dental extractions on 130 patients. Our construction team worked to improve the school (and the lives of the school children) by repairing and installing overhead fans, and repairing/improving the light fixtures. The teachers and the principal were extremely thankful for this gift of love.
The eye team operated out of a hospital 20 miles south of La Villa de los Santos. Every morning, approximately 400 people with severe eye problems were lined up, hoping to get help. We were only able to help the "most blind" (often for over 5 years), and it was very hard to send the others home. We performed 151 cataract surgeries and 68 other types of eye surgeries to restore vision. Every morning following a day of surgery, we would remove the eye patches, and the tears of joy would flow as people were able to see their loved ones again. Many would shout their praise to God for this "miracle" for their life.
One of my fondest memories occurred at the end of one of the cataract surgeries, while the patient was still lying on the table. The sweet lady had been blind for over 5 years. When I removed the drapes, she started looking around the room and then began looking at the details of her hands, as she held them in front of her face. She cried and exclaimed, "Gloria al Dios!" (Glory to God!) over and over again. We had led her by her hands into the operating room....but she was able to walk out on her own.
Over 3000 lives were touched (medical, dental, construction, eye surgery)....and all were told that we were doing this in the name of Jesus, and that we wanted to give them a gift from God. Our desire was that they would respond by seeking a closer relationship with God through Jesus.
We are always thankful for those who pray for us and give generously to help make our trip possible. Our team members raise their own support....but it takes thousands of dollars to send the supplies, equipment, and medicines needed to bring the wonderful blessings to the poor people in Panama.
Thanks to each of you for caring...and loving...and helping to share God's love and healing.
- Russ Burcham

Dr. Burcham and his staff are busy preparing supplies for his next medical mission trip to Panama in early 2015. Since all expenses and funds are paid for by the participants themselves, donations are appreciated. Donations are tax deductible. If you wish to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and to help the blind to see, you can mail in or off drop off a donation to our office. The check should be made out to Sanctuary Fellowship Church and the memo notation should be Panama Trip 2015.
Here's a link to an interview with Dr. Burcham where he explains some background on how he got started with his mission trips to Central America. http://www.cobizmag.com/articles/think-tank-expert-russ-burcham

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Panama cataracts


This was one of our greatest trips ever! The community of Buena Vista, Panama, welcomed us with open arms, and long lines of people greeted us every morning.

The Ministry of Health in Buena Vista gave us their entire hospital facility to utilize…and our medical and surgical teams worked hard to try to help as many needy people as possible in the Name of Jesus.

The general medical team treated over 1400 patients with a variety of health problems, including severe hypertension, diabetes, infections, skin rashes, and musculoskeletal pain. The pharmacy team worked hard to dispense the medicines with proper instructions (wonderful donations allowed us to buy many medicines). Multiple skin cancers and other tumors were also removed.

Men in our "community service team" helped extremely poor families by performing repairs and construction projects, as well as delivering food and basic necessities. They found 4 families living in one "shack" which was only 150 sq. ft. in size!

The eye team gave out reading glasses, performed 850 eye exams, 164 cataract surgeries and 102 pterygium surgeries (many of these people had been totally blind for several years), and God really blessed the results…. The next morning, people were praising God for the “miracle” of vision they experienced!

My favorite story from this trip: A 39 year-old young father was brought to us with white cataracts in both eyes. He couldn't see his hand in front of his face, and hadn't seen his children and wife for a long time. He was led into our exam room by the hand, looking only straight ahead, pretty emotionless. The next morning after surgery, he was smiling and looking around, anxious to go back to see his family. We told him to consider his new vision as a gift from God, and encouraged him to honor God with his life.

In addition to the poor people who received healing and sight, many others in the community were powerfully affected by our group's witness. The local medical staff, police, and community officials could also see the love and sacrifice of the disciples of Jesus as they cared for the weak and helpless. Thousands of people were blessed.

Thanks to all of you who helped us! Your love, prayers and financial support helped to make it happen!

Russ Burcham, for the entire mission team

See the mission team in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l7AoXLgAXo&feature=youtu.be